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First Quarter - Introduction

Second Quarter - Learn (Today’s Topic)

Third Quarter - Practise (Today’s topic)

Last Quarter - Small Talk

Introducing Yourself

Q: Yɛfrɛ wo sɛn? (We call you what) A: Yɛfrɛ me…- (We call me….)

Q: Wo din de sɛn? (Your name is what) A: Me din de…- (My name is….)

Q: Wofiri he? (You are from where?) A: Mefiri…- (I am from….)

Q: Wote he? (You live where?) A: Mete…- (I live in ….)

Q: Wote ɛhefa? (You live where (specifically?) A: Mete…- (I live in/at ….)

Q: Woyɛ adwuma bɛn? (You do what job?) A: Meyɛ..…- (I am (profession)

Q: Woyɛ adwuma wo he? (You work where? (location)) A: Meyɛ adwuma wɔ…..- (I work at...)

Today’s topic

Topic - Expressing love in Twi


What do you love / who do you love?


Dɔ - love (verb)

Ɔdɔ - love (noun)

Pɛ - like

Pɛ - want

Ani gye - happy (verb)

Ani gyeɛ - happiness (noun)

Ɔman- Country

Aman - Countries

Continent - Asasepɔn

Ɛdwom (dwom) - Song

Nnwom) - Music


Medɔ wo - I love you

Mepɛ wo - I like you

M’ani gye wo ho - You make me happy/ I like your company/ I admire you/ I like you (physical)

Ɔpɛ me - S/he like me

Mepɛ no - I like him/her

Mepɛ wasɛm - I like you; I am fond of you (your character)

Small Talk Example Conversation -

How do you say this in Twi?

  • Who do you like?

  • Does she like you?

  • Do you love him?

  • Do you like her?

  • We don’t like ……?


Medaase - Thank you

Yɛnna ase - You are welcome (don’t mention it)

Kafra / Kosɛ - Sorry

Mepaakyɛw - Please

Mesrɛ wo - Excuse me (to get attention)

Ka no bio - Say it again

Ɛnyɛ hwee - It doesn’t matter

Boa me! - Help me!

Me hia - I need

Yoo - Okay

Krado - ready

Aane - Yes

Daabi - No

Mente aseɛ - I don’t understand

Mete aseɛ - I undertand

Mɛhu wo akyire yi - I will see you later

Yɛbɛhyiabio - We will meet again

Akyire yi - Later

Da yie - Good night / sleep well

God bless you - Onyame nhyira wo

Previous small talks.

Visit the Instagram account @speaktwi (guides), link below for previous small talk conversations.


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